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A High Priority Appeal For Vaccination

 *A high priority appeal for Vaccination*! Please see Covid 19 second wave effects on rural areas where it is a common belief that they are highly immune, follow good eating habits and still they are dying, if you haven't vaccinated yet quickly register yourself on CoWIN portal, Aarogya Setu or UMANG application. Regards Inspirer Journal Watch Video :- *Alleged 51 deaths from Covid 19 in a remote village in Rohtak, Haryana* *CoWIN Portal* : *Aarogya Setu* link for Android : * Central Helpline Number for corona-virus*: - +91-11-23978046 *Helpline Numbers of States & Union Territories (UTs)* S. No Name of the State Helpline Nos. 1 *Andhra Pradesh* 0866-2410978 2 *Arunachal Pradesh*   9436055743 3 *Assam* 6913347770 4 *Bihar* 104 5 *Chhattisgarh* 104 6 *Goa* 104 7 *Gujarat* 104 8 *Haryana* 8558893911 9 *Himachal Pradesh* 104 10 *Jharkhand* 104 11 *K
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The Divisive Powers Against Brotherhood And Pilot Project Of 35 Vs 1 Caste In Peace Lover State Haryana

35 Vs 1 Caste Division Formula 2016: Who Is Responsible In Haryana? ₹340 billions (Approx.) revenue loss & 31 people lost their lives as per Govt. Of Haryana official data, it was the cost that the peace lover state Haryana paid due to the carelessness in Jat agitation 2016 , keeping in mind that this state hasn't any riots history earlier and religion riots wasn't possible in this state so the caste game 35Vs1 followed with a clear message that if no Hindu Muslim issue then we will create new issues to divide society and gain from it. Haryana government formed Prakash Committee 2016 to investigate and the committee refused for any conspiracy theory from Opposition as per State Intelligence Department CID inputs, it left many rulling party leaders red faced, accountibility was totally missing from Haryana Government and this is the reason why Haryanvi farmers won't believe anything from their rulling party, the same fate is waiting for Delhi Chalo movement 2020 howev

Majority Government : Slow Death For A Democratic Nation !

Journalist Mandeep Punia Paid A Toll For Not Cheating With His Journalism Ethics : Farmer Protest 2020-21 H uman rights violation is a serious concern with majority Indian Governments, ex-PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the prime accused for these violations during late 70s and the same is being followed by our rulling government, Delhi Police beaten and arrested Chaudhary Mandeep Punia , an on ground  journalist from The Caravan Magzine that is famous for its independent and unbiased journalism while he was reporting from farmers protest site Singhu border Sonipat, Haryana police arrested him secretly, also Haryana government suspended Dr. Ajay Balhara , Program Officer in Education Department Of Haryana, Punchkula for his participation in peaceful farmer protest, one more common fact is that both of the above person belong to Jaat community , a major stronghold farming community in northern India that challenged rulling party of Haryana in Rajya Sabha elections. Whatever happened at

The North Indian Rama Sir "Chotu Rama"

The Man Behind Agriculture Procurement Mandi Committee (APMC) Deenbandhu Sir Chotu Ram also known as Messiah Chotu Ram who hailed from Garhi Sampla village, Rohtak in United Punjab is highly regarded in Punjab and Haryana  due to his continuous efforts for the welfare of peasants who were financial slave of prominent money lenders , it was Chaudhary Chotu Ram who understand the pain of the large peasant community and brought some relief by enacting laws to stop peasants harrassment and showed hope for financial freedom from money lenders, this is the reason that Punjab and Haryana calls him the actual Lived Rama and regard him like a God . Haryana has a long history to believe in realism that's why Haryanvis worship local deities as Gods who were once a normal living human being however did something extraordinary for the upliftment of the society, today we are writing about such a notorious personality that will always be remembered in agriculture backed state economies Har

The Disturbed Life And Never Give Up Attitude : A Poem

How far you have come How far you will go Never let yourselves down Never let yourselves slow You have your own flow Work hard to maintain your glow By the sheer desire of the mind This is the best time to remind Adverse situations always inspire Do your best when dreams caught fire Let fuel keep adding to the fire You just stick around your desire Consistency and willpower Can easily handle any backfire You are born to win  Standing by your decisions can't be a sin Right time will come  When the suppressors will be mum Weakness is in your mind, challenge As your heart don't accept unnecessary grind Stand up and fight O warrior ! you need to use your invaluable might Let me rest my words here Will meet up in a new sphere.

Stop Bribing To God

Human Being : Worshipper or Contractor of God   T o ensure positivity in their surroundings and destroy negativity humans need God however instead of showing gratitude for all what they have, they act more like a contractor during their each visit or prayer. They start like this " O God, favour us to get blah-2 and we will do blah-2 in return for you " This is the reality of pseudo worshippers who try to showcase themselves the geniune caretaker of God while fulfilling their personal ambitions by offering incentives/contracts to God, a real worshipper never demand anything from the supreme power, he always offers unconditional gratitude and avoid materialistic bribe to God.

Martyr Day : The Highly Respected Indian Personalities

  Martyr Day And It's Importance In Indian History British historians presented themselves a real gentlemen as if they were the most decent, progressive and law abiding people wearing western suits while they were the great evil minded people who knew how to seize, destroy and manipulate a country historical, cultural and educational roots. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev chose the footprints of 1857 revolution to boost up the weakened confidence in society from 1858 punishments while Gandhi wished to avoid direct confrontation to save precious human lives and that's why he didn't stop Garam Dal leaders punishment and allowed Britishers to hang them a night before the scheduled time because he knew that if public execution happened, their would have been another mass killings of citizens yet Britishers set another low in their history when they mangled Bhagat Singh corpse with axes like people used to cut trees to get firewood and urinated on their bodies, never abuse Gan

Failure is not the end of the world

  The one who fails can teach you where not to commit mistakes, sometimes worst player becomes best coach in the world.  Always remember hard work persistence and perseverance are the key to success.

Privacy is a myth in cyberspace

Consumers Privacy And Domestic Data Servers is India's crucial demands. Growing poisonous materialistic approach for life is really a big win for marketing agencies who confused consumers between need and wants, minimalism theory is a past thing and people love to be influenced from movies they watch, songs and podcasts they hear, food they eat and even water they drink, 21st century is all about data driven businesses, this precious data discovery on the name of digitalization and lowering corruption gives unlimited access to insider information like consumer behaviours, spending patterns, purchasing power, likes and dislikes while putting their privacy on risk and framing a new form of corruption, Europian Union and USA are the first to identify this privacy breach and ammended their laws, better late than never India also understand the need of data security and consumers privacy with the beginnings of localisation of data centres that will ensure a  data centres boom in India,

Unlearn The Art Of People Pleasing

  S elf understood is a term that came in existence since human being learnt that not everything is meant to be said as nobody gives a fuck about your justifications that you unknowingly give to become a people pleaser, always remember everybody has their unique life exposure, educational level and set of thoughts that if challenged work as a moderator and end up hurting ego of an immature person in most of the cases so express yourself only when the other person is easy with indifference or you might end up inviting unnecessary trouble from an idiot who hardly knows about the logic behind his behaviour and it's consequences in long run, mob justice and mob lychings are on the lines of this pattern that creates serious challenge to law and administration.

Character Assassination

W e receive the behaviour that we are willing to tolerate, if someone bully you that simply shows that you have given him authority over your life, the same way when you failed to identify those sweetners in your life who have to accomplish their hidden agendas through backdoor entries and end up mixing acidic properties in your life making it more vulnerable, toxic, attacking on your strengths and develop a habit of self doubt by polluting your healthy mind, avoid such evil minds who are always over friendly in nature so that you can shake their confidence for not getting satisfactory results, you have to distance yourself from bitching people. I would like to quote here a popular saying " If you don't see with your own eyes and hear from your own ears, don't interpret it with your small mind and speak with big mouth", Character assassination is used by those who failed to compete with you and feel serious concerns from your growth so enjoy this beautiful life, deny

Materialistic approach and Emi trap

  Health is your top priority and the biggest luxurious wealth along with your intellectualism, materialistic things like your big car, villa, diamond or platinum ornaments and branded clothes is a self style proclaimed levish lifestyle by marketing agencies of business minded people who keep telling you that you are not enough and you need a lot of stuff to look macho or force you to live a psuedo qualitative life, it is deeply infiltrated in your mind that keeps kicking you to spend unnecessary and you become a prisoner of EMI trap !

Centralisation of power :- A new form of Fascism

  C entralisation of power seems a good idea for short term because it reduces the time taken for decision making and avoid confusion however most of the time it backfired as it's really tough to handle excessive power with huge responsibilities without committing mistakes voluntary, anyone can make mistake so do the great leaders of our nation however the problem starts when they start committing mistakes knowingly and misinterpret the given responsibilities by nation, there is a very famous dialogues from Sacred Games web series "Sometimes I feel I am GOD ", this is what exactly running in our leaders mind and they try acting as fascists powers without leaving any space open for critism for government, they suppress civilian so badly that one day their patience will give up and there will be civil unrest in country, an ideal leader never took biased decisions on the name of religion, caste and race however what happening around us is exactly opposite, our prominent lead

The Evil behind Social Media

  F reebies cost privacy "If you are not paying for a product then you are the product" and advertisers bear the cost for the so called free social websites that competes for your attention and your engagements are the base line of their revenues. They sell certainty analysing great predictions that require a lot of data, Google is not just a search engine, Facebook is not just designed to meet colleagues, school friends or extended families, there is a long list for such apps that are being flooded in cyber space to capture large audiences like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin etc, your average spending time on these platforms is directly proportional to your attention for the sponsored articles or trends set by Data Anayalst who work with big data, this is the reason why mostly application smartly take permission from users who hardly care about their privacy. Location :- Check dominance, purchasing power, effective regional language to tri

Ladakh : Brave Ahirwals Gift in 1962

  Ladakh owe to PVC Major Shaitan Singh 13 Kumaon regiment 114 fallen soldiers who were majorly from South Haryana Ahirwal Belt (Gurgaon, Rewari & Mahendergarh), they faught around 5500 enemies heavily loaded with Artillery support and killed 1300 Chinese soldiers, India's agreesive forward policy miserably failed yet 13 Kumaon won ! Veer Ahirwal (Rao/Yadav) belt set new benchmarks for bravery in Indian Army,  This is how these people are honoured :- 1. Haryana Govt constructed Razang La chowk in Cybercity Gurugram Palam Vihar. 2. Razang La war memorial in Rewari district of Haryana. 3. Razang La war memorial in Chushul sector by Indian Army that is a tourist spot.

A Real Hero life journey in Kalyuga

  Words of an army brat for his father. P eople always love to see reel life heroes, motivational speakers and life coaches, let me today introduce you to an extraordinary personality who loved, who inspired, who struggled, who conquered, who motivated, endless times and uncountable people with his desire to live life to the fullest, meet my late father Hav Shakti Singh served in Guards as parent regiment and deputed with the following forces :- 1.   51 SAG NSG (The Black Cats)  2. Paratrooper with Parachute Regiment. 3. SFF where he served Special     Group that was trained by         MOSSAD in 1984. Operations Participated 🇮🇳 1. Siachen Conflict (1980) 2. Operation **** 3. Operation Meghdoot(1990)     (Military capture of Siachen glacier) 4. Operation Rakshak(1994) Awarded with  1. Sainya Seva Medal    (Combat Services With Pak in Himalayas) 2. Gyrslang Service Medal 3.High Altitude Medal 4.Siachen Glacier Medal S o the story starts from a lower middle class farmer family in northe

The Essential Commodities(Amendment) Act 2020 and It's consequences

 The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020  G overnment abolished warehouses storage limits for essential goods, this is an example how it will work and why society should oppose this move :- Scenerio 1 : When farmers already sold out their crops then warehouses will wait for :- Demand ⬇️Hoarding ⬆️ Price ⬆️                        Cons :- Society will pay more than the actual price and artificial inflation will be created. 2. When farmers crops is ready to be sold :- Warehouses Hoarding 0 ⬇️                          Essential commodities surplus ⬆️        Commodities Procurement Price ⬇️                    End user never demand commodities at this stage.                                                                          Cons :- Farmers will be paid less for their crops.    Low price benefits will not be transferred to end user. Agriculture infrastructure will be weakened, farmers loans ⬆️, production will start falling out, actual shortage will be there and society will be

Why you should speak up when government is forcefully curbing public dissent?

  R emember CAA protest when Kapil Gujjar opened fire at CAA protestors in Saheen Bagh for the sake of psuedo nationalism, remember Delhi Police entered Jamia Millia Islamia University without permission, Delhi Police has a major share of recruites from rural areas people like Jaat, Bramhans and Gujjars who are physically and mentally strong however weak in emotional intelligence and easy target for religious fanaticism however this time government got stucked badly in Farmer protest because these are the same people who used to curb public dissent like CAA unknowingly and nobody has dare to challenge them now because they are physically, mentally, economically very strong and hold an influential image in society. Farmers were first laathicharged in Kurukshetra then farmers protested for one month in Punjab and finally Delhi Chalo movement started, every possible approach was tried to fail this protest like " fake farmers, terrorists, Mandi Agents, Khalistanis " however the

All About Dahiya Clan

D ahiya is the largest Khap of Jaat community in Delhi NCR Sonepat, there are total 52 Dahiya Surname villages, out of which 40 villages come under Sonipat district and that's why people call it Dahiya Chalisha ! Notable Army Personalities 1. Param Vir Chakra awardee Colonel Hoshiar Singh Dahiya was from Sisana village who participated in 1971 war, he was the first living army personnel who received PVC as it was only awarded posthumously at that time. Ret. Colonel Mehar Singh Dahiya 2. Shaurya Chakra Awardee Colonel Mehar Singh Dahiya is from Sehri village, he is a third generation army officer, his company earned 5 gallantry awards, anyone nearby Sehri still have chances to meet this retired Army officer,  maybe he was the commander of Operation Meghdoot (capture Siachin and failed pak attempts to capture it ) Retired Colonel B

Inspirer Journal : A Pledge

  Dear Visitors, This Magazine is primary focused on providing people new hopes in their daily routine, there are so many people around us whose efforts are always undermined, no recognition at work and somehow they start believing that they are worthless or a burden to the society, this is absolutely incorrect behavior within our society that develop Social Anxiety Disorder in such people, our prime responsibility is to help such people to gain confidence and understand their importance in society, this blog will also focus to inspire the lives of Students, Aspirants, Working professionals, Homemakers and Jobless people, let us join our hands together for Inspirer Journal  and become a reason for someone smile ! Inspirer Journal Team 😊 Stay tuned !